Our First 4e Campaign!

First 4e meeting

We are in a city that has many different districts that tend to be grouped together based on race. Tales of the Storm Dragon Dira-somethingorother scouring the seas for treasure and raiding ships have been passed down for quite some time. Now, as it turns out, this dragon has kicked the bucket and only one man, James Howlett, knows how to find the treasure.
Ethan intimidated a half-orc within an inch of his life to tell us where to find him and then we made our way to a mercenary group known as the Red Iron Mercenaries. I think. Something like that. After that, we infiltrated the compound by… inconspicuously breaking the wall down. Then we took a small detour to find the trapped treasure room before finding the area where all the mecenaries, and James Howlett, were. And then we started fighting, I kept healing people up to keep them in tippy top condition, and we stopped about halfway through the fight. So. Fun.


annagassen coopclown

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